Marianne Burkhalter Christian Sumi

Monography House Steiger 1959.
Architects: Rudolf Steiger, Flora Crawford

Marianne Burkhalter Christian Sumi
Publication planned for autumn 2024
The House Steiger is situated in the Doldertal in Zürich with other houses of the modern, like the Giedion House by Alrfred Roth and Marcel Breuer (1936) and the Roth House (1959).

With its central hall it relates to la Rotonda by Palladio and an early study of Ruedi Steiger. It is a masterpiece of Swiss Architecture of the 20th century.

The publication traces the evolution, including the contribution of Flora Steiger Crawford (1899-1991), the first women who studied architecture at ETH Zürich

Site plan 1992 by Kienast Vogt Landscape architects. Archive Photos by Bender (1959) and Zumbrunn (1982)