Marianne Burkhalter Christian Sumi

Rino Levi (1901 – 1965)
The competition design for Brasilia in 1957

IUAV Venice Wave 2016, with Sebastiano Ginnesini and Federico Zuanier
Work in progress, (google translation not edited)

Starting position:

Rino Levi was born in San Paolo in 1901 and comes from Italian parents. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Rome in 1926.

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As an infrastructure project, the 300m high megastructure is divided into three public decks, accessed via two vertical access platforms. A hanging steel structure is being planned that will contain 32 twenty-storey residential units. These can also be realized by different architects. The area per unit is 18mx 36m (648m2), the column grid is 6m x 6m. The residential slabs are designed for 16,000 residents.


With “infills” we are updating the 400m x 300m large, only 18m deep mega- diagramme one hand in section as a “standing slab” and on the other hand in plan as a “lying slab”, as a dense horizontal structure, a horizontal city, comparable to le Corbusier's hospital project for Venice.